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About CDS


CDS — What We Do CDS raison d'etre

We offer the missing link to climate change, converting the liability of waste to the assets of electricity and biochar, soil fertility and carbon drawdown.

What has been "missing" is the right combination of equipment and strategic plan to reverse the effects of climate change.

Some of us have been working on disruptive, reasonable, or rational solutions for decades. CDS has developed a strong commercial platform that can, with scale, build toward a meaningful reduction in atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

But we go beyond reduction and adaptation to climate change. Why? We firmly believe there are no passengers on good ship Earth — it's all hands on deck. And alignment with the headwaters — rather than fighting those who are passive, in denial or off base — leads to success at a scale necessary for turning the "big ship" of climate protection in the right direction.

Food & Energy Security meet Climate Protection

What we know for sure:

  • We have limited time to stem climate change
  • Our well-proven technology solves multiple problems through customer and business model innovation
  • Widespread adoption of CDS systems will ...
    • increase food production
    • remove excess atmospheric carbon
    • put this carbon back into depleted soils.


Why Does CDS Exist?

The company was founded to achieve a purpose based on the opportunity to bring proven systems for turning waste into assets in underserved markets.

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