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Biochar Uses


There are more than 55 known uses for biochar. For all 55 uses, download this Jan 1012 article (PDF). New and innovative applications are showing up all the time.

Crop waste to biochar
Billions of tons of crop waste are burned each year
that could instead be used to make biochar


Here are some of the important uses, organized by application and industry:

In climate change remediation:

The increasing focus on the  growing of biomass and turning it into energy and biochar is key to the reversal of climate change.  Eliminating emissions is not enough - we must reduce the atmospheric carbon content from 400ppm to 300ppm. There is no magic bullet that will do this for us.  biochar fine meshWe must work in cooperation with Nature to maximize the amount of carbon entering the soil through he production of biochar and the enhancemsent of the microbial process known as the Liquid Carbon Pathway (LCP).

Biochar promotes this LCP symbiosis between plants and microbes and can be inoculated with beneficial microbes to reseed abandoned and marginal soils that have lost the microbes necessary for this important process (more on this).  CDS is focused on the part that our equipment will play in creating the needed biochar and is mission-driven to assist our clients with the highest and best use of our equipment and end products.  


Applications by Industry

In agriculture:

In livestock production:

In the building and construction sector:

In other industries:

Fine mesh biocharEven if it were not essential for the reversal of climate change, biochar has so many diverse industrial and commercial applications that they explain why it has become such a growth industry — competing with the (also growing) activated charcoal industry.  

Activated charcoal made from coconut shells currently costs $1,650 a ton FOB India, leaving the potential for a good return on biochar and years before supply catches up with demand.

How to buy CDS biochar in bulk: contact us

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