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CDS Strategic Partner: Our Technology Provider operating at Scale for 10 years


Integrated SolutionA recurring theme among pyrolysis equipment start-ups is failure to scale up.  Equipment that works well in a bench model often fails miserably when it is finally built on a large industrial scale.  This has happened so often and with such large losses that some investors have become dubious about investing in pyrolysis. 

Many of the early attempts are by first-time inventors making equipment with off-the-shelf components.  While it is helpful in the long run to have so many participants in the field – a strong and diverse industry is in the making – the CDS technology provider has been manufacturing top-quality, stainless steel, industrial equipment since 1989.  Years of successful, problem-free operation puts this solution well ahead of the pack.

The key components of this integrated approach to pyrolysis evolved from our strategic partner’s earliest inventions and morphed into the first pyrolysis equipment used at scale now for more than a decade ago.  The first customer wanted to harvest bio oil to be used in the food industry.  That equipment has been working for ten years with only minor maintenance to date (details available).

This gives CDS the unique position of selling under its own brand a suite of reliable, proven products – equipment that has been operating problem-free and at scale with demonstrated results that speak volumes – in a market that is still relatively new and emerging.  There are no other providers actually selling system with comparable quality, reliability, price/performance or semi-mobility at scale.  This is the type of equipment that you can turn on and know that it will keep on working 24/7 with only a minor amount of observation.  Yet at the same time, one of the biggest benefits of this equipment is the ease with which it can be adjusted for temperature, dwell time, percent biochar, percent syn gas or bio oil. See examples.

All of the equipment is currently manufactured to the highest OEM standards.  CDS has an agreement enabling expansion of manufacturing operations in Asia under our own brand.  Our purpose is to make this equipment even more affordable and to deliver further turnkey integration at an appropriate scale for available feedstocks so it can flourish around the world and play a significant role in the reversal of climate change. 

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